Hamax Pharmaceuticals welcomes pharmaceutical product dealers and distributors from all over India to become its PCD/Franchise in the region of their choice. Hamax Pharmaceuticals provides full marketing support with all kind of promotional materials. Visit our "Marketing support" page to take a glance at our promotional material range.

Hamax Pharmaceuticals offers more than 250 products in various dosage forms and in different therapeutic areas. Hamax also manufacture/market ayurvedic medicines, food products energy drinks and oral rehydration salts. Hamax Pharmaceuticals pack its products in elegant, graceful, neat and well designed packing. The packing material conforms to FDA requirements. Visit our "product range" page to look at the product packing.

Hamax Pharmaceuticals is always confident about the quality of its products. If required, Hamax can provide certificate of analysis for its products which ensures the quality of the products.

If you want to join hands with Hamax Pharmaceuticals and become a PCD distributor of Hamax, contact us for availability of distributorship in the region of your choice.

You can also download distributorship forms by clicking on following links

Distributor data form
Hamax terms and conditions
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