Manufacturing Facility

The facility is designed according to the "SCHEDULE M" of Drugs and cosmetics rules. All of the pharmaceutical products are manufactured in cGMP environment. The company is very well equipped with modern equipments to manufacture wide variety of pharmaceutical formulations in various dosage forms. The company can efficiently produce quality Tablets, Powder, Oral Liquid and Capsules in general and β-Lactum manufacturing facility. The company has various options for packing it's formulations in either elegant Alu – Alu blister pack, traditional blister pack or strip pack.

The Company has FDA approved cGMP certified plant with huge manufacturing capacity in all sections.

Section Manufacturing capacity in
General section
(No of units/Month)
Manufacturing capacity in
β- Lactum section
(No of units/Month)
Tablet 12 Million 6 Million
Capsules 6 Million 3 Million
Syrup 2 Million 2 Million
Dry Syrup 1 Million 1 Million
Powder 6 Lakh 2 Lakh

* Values presented are on 1 shift/day basis.

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