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Hamax is one of the leading PCD based pharmaceutical company. PCD stands for Propaganda Cum Distributionship. As the term defined in the world of pharmaceuticals, we give you our products at a fixed price and you sell it at your expense.

At Hamax pharmaceuticals our mission doesn't end just by selling you our products, we provide exceptional marketing support to each and every distributor. We know that without proper promotional input one cannot achieve his/her target of sales. Therefore, we provide promotional material which will enable you to achieve your goal.

We constantly review the market needs and make necessary changes to our promotional materials so that it meets the current market requirements. We believe that sales can't be achieved if production, quality and marketing are not up to the highest level. Therefore, besides manufacturing quality pharmaceutical products, we also concentrate on the marketing requirements and make our best efforts to supply the promotional materials to our distributors.

We know that if our distributors will be able to sell our products efficiently and smoothly, they will be able to make their firm successful. Leading our distributors to success is the only way for us to succeed.

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